Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Look at my recent Jams

Original Application: 
Friday December 11th
(See THIS post)

I'm still relatively new to Jamberry, and while I don't consider application tricky, I do still find it takes a couple of days for the tips of my wraps to settle, smooth out and not have any rough patches. I expect this though, and have no issues giving the tips a light file a couple times over the first couple of days. 

Tuesday December 15th 
OPI My Gecko Does Tricks 
Removed the pinky 'Smitten' wrap. 

Day 4 and my wraps were looking and feelimg great! I used the soak removal method to take the pinky wrap off purely because it was no longer wanted. The other two were sticking strong.

Tuesday December 22nd
Had to remove my Jams to apply my Christmas ones!
Total wear time -11 Days. Still had plenty of life in them. 
You can see my polish may have been looking a little manky, but the Jamberry Wraps were still like new! You can see the growth from my cuticles to the top of the wraps. I love how strong the Jams make my nails. I haven't had any breakages wearing these. 

Keep an eye out for my Christmas Jams.


  1. Oh I love the purple! I remember having my nail wraps on for a whole month, and decided to remove it, they are unbelievable!

    1. I can't believe the staying power of the Jamberry's! Well worth the extra money if you're looking for something that lasts x

  2. Great wear time!! I love how long lasting these are! I can't remember if you've posted this already but did you get these from their consultants or PR? I would love to give them a try but not sure if I can be bothered with the removal process lol.

  3. Hi Kat. I received a little goodie pack from a consultant in the US before the company launched in Aus. Theres a heap of Aussie consultants - check IG - most of them are happy to send out samples. The removal isn't all that bad, I'd prefer to remove these than glitter polish! Have a great Christmas!