Monday, December 21, 2015

Jamberry Removal...

A few months ago I shared with you the latest US hit nail wrap product to hit Australian shores, Jamberry Nail wraps. I may have become a little addicted.... haha
There's some nail wraps that you can wipe away/off with remover, some that basically peel off by themselves, and Jamberry's that require a little more effort to be safely removed. 
I do not recommended that you simple 'peel' the wrap from your nails - and that goes for all brands of wraps that I've tried.
There's a couple of methods advertised out there on the www; the 'safe', 'natural' removal method using coconut oil or a soak-off method using polish remover. Grab some remover, a small glass shot-glass, and orange stick and some paper towel. 

I use a variety of products to remove my polishes. Straight acetone for those pesky glitters!, an acetone/glycerine/water mix (my usual choice) and an acetone-free store bought remover. That's the one I decided to use for this.
I do not recommend using straight acetone, as it actually 'eats' away at the wraps before the glue, and you end up with mushy wraps and glue residue (yes I'm speaking from experience). Stick with a more gentle option, and take the time to remove them correctly. 

 Begin by gently lifting the edge of the wrap with the orange stick. If you've worn the wraps for some days, they'll probably have already begun to lift, if not, carefully work the stick under the wrap, again, for the side. NOT from the tip. 

Place you nail in the remover. Soak. I'm not sure how long exactly I held it in there, but it wasn't what I would refer to as 'long'. 

 Use the orange stick again from the same edge to work the wrap away from the nail. 
Repeat the soaking process. 

 Until finally the adhesive completely gives way and your wrap has been safely removed from your nail, without any tearing or damage. 

I figured if I've taken the time to apply these long-wearing babies, I can take the time to safely remove them. 
There was some minor glue residue on a couple of nails, which easily wiped away.
The non-acetone remover wasn't drying for my skin and worked well at the glue, so I recommend a 'nourishing' store-bought remover to avoid drying. 

These wraps are super fun, with so many patterns, colours and finishes available. They are totally worth the extra effort to apply (see my original post for details) for the wear time and safe removal ensures my nails are healthy, and ready to go again :) 



  1. Great step by step! I'd wondered about the removal process. And it's great to see you back!

    1. Thanks Leah. Taking these off is easier than glitters! Haha