Monday, December 28, 2015

My {mini} Beautorium Haul

Hi all. So, that is Christmas done! I think most of us are wondering what on Earth happened to 2015, for me it's just vanished! I hope you and yours have had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you an incredibly wonderful New Year. 

If you're not familiar with Beautorium, it's a rewards system from Beauty Heaven in which you can purchase from a vast array of selected products using your points. Points are earnt from siging up, filing out their beauty profiles, comment or reviewing a products. Each task has it's own point value. You much reach a certain amount of points (351+) before being able to take part in the Beautorium. 20 points = $1. 

This was my first time participating, I didn't have many points at all but it was still a pleasant reward to exchange them for product. 

I was able to grab the Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals Medium Powder Foundation. I have used this in the past and was impressed enough to snatch up another. 
I also picked up a Schwarzkopf Biotin+ Volume Dry Shampoo. I freakin love dry shampoos and can't wait to try this one. 

The lovlies from Beatuy Heaven included the above two samples. PureTan Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Lotion *Dark and the Babor HSR Lifting Creme. 

I really must up my reviewing for them, to ensure next year I can maybe get a little crazy at the Beautorium. (Although I'll need to do 70 reviews to qualify!) Did you pick anything up? Leave me a comment so I can check out your haul. 

Take care this crazy season


  1. Great haul! I was able to grab myself the Glasshouse candle and diffuser as well as a razor (haha!). I definitely need to start reviewing more products because I barely have any points left.

    1. Razors are expensive! Makes sense to grab a freebie :)

  2. ^I wanted the glasshouse candle and diffuser! haha, i completely forgot about the opening time/date and missed out on them. I ended up just getting a liquid eyeliner from 100% pure

    1. I really need to practice more with liquid liners, hope you like the one got :)