Friday, December 11, 2015

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

SK-II Facial Treatment masks are a favourite of beauty lovers and even celebrities. This moisture-boosting sheet mask is literally saturated in the brand's signature Pitera essence. And I mean saturated! This baby is dripping in serum. I've never used anything else from the brand, so their signature scent was unknown to me, and truthfully, I can't remember it being anything significant... 

Anyhoo... This mask is said to thoroughly hydrate your skin leaving it noticeably more radiant and clear. 
Here comes the serial killer horror movie shot.....

And ain't it a rippa!! 
Hahah. I think this is literally my worst face mask photo to date! In my defense it was a very hot day, so that explains the mini pubes-like fuzzy hair :P

Very simple to use. Like I said this mask was dripping with serum when I first applied it. You can actually see how wet it is in my selfie. The mask was a pretty good fit, with the regular slits in the chin and sides. It did drop from my chin quickly, and after the 20 minutes recommended time, it was significantly drier, meaning my skin soaked up a whole lot of hydrating goodness! 

At RRP $28 each, this baby is not cheap. 
Did it perform better than it's cheaper counterparts? Perhaps a little. I was genuinely impressed. 
I received this in my recent Marie Claire Ageless Parcel, you can grab some for yourself from Sephora online 6 for $122,  or individually from Myer and David Jones.

Sorry for the early morning scare haha. Have you used this mask? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts


  1. Oh la la, I have never tried anything from SK II, but i heard that their stuff is expensive and good at the same time! Looking good loz, even with the pubes like fuzzy hair :P

    1. I felt very fancy using a near $30 face mask, even with the hair lol